Identify the correct statement – Knowledge Test

Identify the  correct statement with a right tick mark

  1. Dr J M Juran is known as father of Quality Circles movement?
  2. High Level, Low Level and Dispersion Type are three types of Cause and Effect Diagram.
  3. Pie chart is mainly used for showing proportion.
  4. Stratification is a technique to study data based on various factors.
  5. Brainstorming is the technique of generating new and useful ideas.
  6. If you desire to know the causes related to the problem being studied you would like that all members must prepare a pie chart.
  7. Flow Diagram / Process Chart can be used for deep study the problem being addressed.
  8. Pareto Analysis helps in prioritising the problems/causes.
  9. Cause and Effect was used by Dr K Ishikawa in 1948.
  10. With the activity plan / milestone chart QC members a time schedule to complete the selected problem / project.
  11. Quality Circles concept originated in Japan in year 1975.
  1. Flow chart is the method of presenting the process related to the problem being addressed.
  2. Bar Diagram is a strong tool to identify the possible solutions.
  3. We should make Pie Chart to show the rainfall in inches in February in Manesar, Gurgaon, Riwari and Rohtak.
  4. Pareto diagram cannot be used to show the before and after status of a given problem.
  5. Even if we know the solution of a problem we should attempt to identify the causes of the problem.
  6. Cause and Effect Diagram is also known as Ishikawa Diagram.
  7. Data are strong basis of taking any decision to solve the problem.
  8. Brainstorming can be used to identify the possible causes.
  9. Quality Circle leader is selected by the management.
  10. Flow charts are of three types –Matrix, Detailed & High Level.
  11. If there are alternative solutions than select the best one and implement it.
  12. Following all the steps of Problem Solving Process is needed when cause(s) of the problems are is/are not known.
  13. Pareto is known in the field of Quality Management for his 80-20 principle based on study of Indian Economy.
  14. Flow lines show the sequence of steps in a process.
  15. Cause and Effect Diagram is a systematic and logical presentation of Causes of a problem being studied.
  16. Data / information helps in taking decisions.
  17. Fishbone Diagram is also known as Scatter Diagram.
  18. Identification and listing the problems is the first step of problem solving process.
  19. Stratification is not used to analyse data according to different factors.

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