Knowledge Test NCQC 2014 – 30 Questions with answers

Knowledge test is compulsory for Quality Circle teams and also for the teams presenting Case – Study on Lean QC. It carries 30 Marks. Separate question paper for Lean QC will be given.

Correct answer in bold words

1. In X-R chart, the value of A2R is 1.8. Calculate the value of sigma i.e. standard deviation?

Ans: 0.6

2. Calculate the value of LCL of a process if the value A 2 R =  3.3 ,  value  of  A 2 =  0 . 577, and X = 15.2

Ans: 11.9

  1. If average defective toys are 62 per lot of 100 toys. What will be the upper control limit for Defective toys?

Ans: 13.43

  1. In X-R chart for size of group is 5, the value of A2 =  0.577, Dr  =  2.115. If the average range of 20 sets of reading is 3.0, what will be the value of standard deviation of the process?

Ans: 0.577

  1. In X-R chart, the value of X = 72.972 gms. No. of observations are 25, average moving range R =3.384, value of d2 =  1.128, what will be the value of UCL ?

Ans: 81.972

  1. In X-R chart, for the sub group of 5, what will be the value of LCL, if X = 35.5 gms. Value of sigma is 1.5, and the value of A2 = 0.577

Ans: 31

  1. What is the formula for calculating UCL & LCL for X-R chart.

Ans.:    UCLx = X + A2R; LCLx = X – A2R;

  1. Calculate the value of sigma of a process, if the value A 2 R = 3.3, value of A2  =  0.577 and X  =75.2

Ans.: 1.1

  1. In X-R Chart, the value of X=79.972 gms. No. of observations are 25, average moving range R=3.382, value of d2 = 1.128, What will be the value of standard deviation?

Ans: 3

  1. Which type of graph is used in different type of control charts?

Ans:   Line Graph

  1. In X-R Chart, for sub group of 5, what will be the value of UCLx if X = 35.5 gms, value of sigma is 1.5, and  the  value  of  A 2 = 0 . 577.  Number of observations are 225.

Ans: 40

  1. What will be the angle for representing Rs. 4000 as travelling expenses out of total expenditure of Rs. 80,000/- on a pie graph?

Ans: 180

  1. Highest value of 625 observations of a Biscuit packet is 102.50 gm. Least count to scale by which weight of packets is taken is 0.05 gm. If the range is 1.55 gm, calculate the second-class interval?

Ans: 101.085 – 101.245

  1. For 342 observations, the range is  7.9 cm, and the least court of the measuring instrument is 0.2cm. What will be the class width for making Histogram?

Ans: 0.9

  1. If the least count of a balance is 2 gms, and the minimum weight out of 289 packets checked is 98 gms. What should be the lower limit of the first class interval?

Ans: 97  gms .

  1. To make histogram of 630 observations of weight of Biscuit packets were taken. Highest reading is 96.2 gms and the lowest reading is 93.8 gms. If the lease count of balance is 0.2 gm, what should be the first class interval.

Ans: 93.70- 93.96

  1. How many defective  pieces  will  be  in  a  lot  of 20000 pieces of toy? If the process is adjusted at 3 sigma level.

Ans: 54

  1. Cause and effect diagram was introduced in the period:
  1. Before 1950
  2. 1951-1960
  3. 1961-1970
  4. 1971-1980
  1. When the coefficient correlation between 2 variables is 0.9 what does it indicate?

Ans: Strong positive correlation

  1. What % of values lies between plus and minus 3 sigma  when  the  process  is  under  normal Distribution:

a) 91.73%

b) 93.73%

c) 97.73%

d) 99.73%

  1. What should be  the recommended  number  of classes  or  groups  for 627  observations  for frequency distribution for making Histogram ?
  1. 8
  2. 9
  3. 10
  4. 11
  1. Which one belongs to elementary statistical method (7 tools):
  1. Brain Storming
  2. Scatter diagram
  3. Tree diagram
  4. Flow diagram
  1. Who showed Dr. Juran that the salary of General Motor’s executives is in line with Pareto’s theory?

a) M. G. Lorenz

b) Vilfredo Pareto

c) K. Ishikawa

d) Merk Hale

  1. Best decisions are likely to be arrived at by taking decisions based on:

a) Gut feeling

b) Past experience

c) Sixth sense

d) Appropriate data

  1. Alex Osborn has given the technique of

a) Graph

b) Brainstorming

c) Stratification

d) Histogram

  1. The difference between  the  highest  and  the lowest readings in a sample of observations is called

a) Range

b) Deviation

c) Standard deviation

d) Average

  1. Who has given Juran’s Trilogy?

a) Dr. W. E. Deming



d) None of these

  1. Which element is not a constituent to the Juran’s trilogy?

a) Planning

b) Control

c) Checking

d) Improvement

  1. Which one of the following Quality gurus lived for more than 100 years  ?

a) Dr. W. E. Deming

b) Dr. K. Ishikawa

c) Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis

d) J. M. Juran

  1. “As long as  there  is  a  workplace ,  QC  Circle activities must be continued”. Who said this ?

a) K. Ishikawa

b) Dr. J. M. Juran

c) Dr. W. E. Deming

d) Dr. Abdul Kalam

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