Identify True or False Statement – Prepare your teams for NCQC 2014

  1. Pareto Diagrams give us a visual method for separating the Useful few from vital many.
  2. Pareto Analysis identifies the items, which are not profitable to be addressed on individual basis.
  3. Pareto Analysis is most powerful when we use objective data and facts rather than opinions.
  4. Five S is a process for inducing indiscipline in an organi­zation.
  5. ISO 9000 the American standard for quality that has been expanded worldwide. ISO stands for Organization for International Standards.
  6. p chart is a type of control chart used to monitor proportion defective.
  7. np chart is a chart used to monitor the number of items ­defective for a fixed sample size.
  8. PDCA cycle is a process for improvement propagated by W. E. Deming.
  9. Before learning about problem solving techniques we should first concentrate upon how to create problems.
  10. Deming Wheel provides a fundamental approach to carry out a task in a systematic way.
  11. Study of any process with the help of flow diagram will never help in identifying the redundant activities or steps.
  12. Cause and Effect diagram is a total analytical picture of an effect showing all possible solutions.
  13. Data are expression of facts of any activity or feature in verbal or numerical terms
  14. Scatter Diagram is used for representation of relationship between two variables.
  15. There should be only 4 main casual factors (Man, Machine, Material, Method) going into the central part of a Cause and Effect Diagram.
  16. Line graphs are useful for showing comparison among categories.
  17. Pareto Diagrams give us a visual method for separating the vital few from useful many.
  18. Pareto Analysis helps us establish consensus on our top priorities, thereby setting the stage for action.
  19. Pie charts are useful principally for showing proportions.

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