Case Study Presentation – Understand Evaluation Criteria in Detail

Presentation    –  40 Marks

  • Sequence, Clarity, Team Participation, Smooth change over from one speaker to another  – 10
  • Time Management – 10
  • Communication Skills, Confidence Level, Quality of visuals – 10
  • Special Features (Creativity) in presentation – 10

It is better to understand each part in detail……………

1.1   Explanation of Sequential Steps

Irrespective of Process used by  circles i.e.

– 12 Step Problem Solving Process suggested by QCFI

– 7 Step Problem Solving Process

– 8 D Problem Solving Process

– 6 Step Problem Solving Process

– Six Sigma Methodology (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control),

Teams focus should that they have taken care of steps and solved the problem in a systematic way.

1.2. Clarity

Ensure that they have used comprehensive vocabulary. Difficult concepts explained with example.

– Is the presentation well-structured?

– Is the general context of the problem well explained?

– Is the problem well explained? (Why is it an important problem?)

– Is the proposed solution well explained?

– Does the presentation give a (short) overview of earlier and related work(after)?

– Is Diagnostic / Remedial journey clearly explained?

– Is the conclusion clear and relevant?

– Is the presentation not too technical? Were there unnecesary details that could have been omitted? Is all necessary terminology explained?

– Is the presentation not too simple? Were there aspects that could have been omitted because they were standard, obvious, or already well-known by the target audience?

1.3. Team Participation

We  do not expect all the members to participate in presentation, but we do expect contribution of each in completing the task in any manner. So even if all the members are not making the presentation it is all right, particularly if the circle is new.

2.0 Time Management

How efficiently team used the time allotted for changeover, i.e., setting the stage for action. How adequately team have used the 12 or 15 minutes time in ensuring that the case study is understood by all present.

3.0 Communication Skill & Confidence

Their expression, understanding and answering the questions asked by the judges. Manner of Presentation and level of confidence.

– Was the presenter easy to understand? Not too quiet, not too loud? Not to slow, not too fast?

– Was the presenter not to hyperactive or nervous?

– Did the presenter finish in time (12 minutes)?

– Did the presenter respond and react well to the questions?

3.1 Presentation Aids

How effectively they have used the Transparencies / Slides as an aid to present their case study.

– Is the number of slides adequate given the time needed for the presentation? (Too many slides? Not enough slides?)

– Aren’t the slides overloaded? (Too much text, too much pictures)

– Is there a good use of colours? (Not too much? Not enough?)

– Is there a good balance between the use of text and pictures?

– Are the text and pictures readable? (Not too small, not too big, good choice of


4.0.  Special Feature

Usage / Display of Models, Diagrams, Samples.  Creativity in analytical part or in presenting the case study.

4.1. General Effectiveness 

– Were the speaker(s) goals achieved?

– Was the material presented in a relaxed, professional manner?

– Could the speech be easily heard and understood?

– Was time used effectively?

– Was the general impression created positive?

In next post I will share about Questions after presentation…………


CCQC – DC 2013 at Bilaspur, Manesar

Third CCQC was organised at Om Shanti Retreat, Bilaspur, Manesar on 5th October. In the beginning MOC Mr Naresh Gandhi, welcomed all the participants. Mr R B Madhekar, Vice Chairman welcomed the Chief Guest and participants. Mr Ravi Kumar Pishipati Plant Head – Hero Motocorp Ltd Dharuhera presided the inaugural Session. 

Convention started with lighting the ceremonial lamp by Chief Guest Shri V.K.Jayaswal, Executive Director,  Shriram Piston & Rings Ltd. and in his inaugural address he opined that such good concepts like QC, 5”S”, Six Sigma, TPM etc accelerate the process of improvement. He expressed his happiness for the overwhelming participation of teams from various organizations. Highlighting the relevance of Quality circles movement by involving of employees and harnessing their creativity to enhance the quality of its products and services, he said that, today the market demand compels every organization to pay maximum attention to the quality and cost competitiveness for their survival.


The convention was attended by 1329 participants including QC Members, delegates, volunteers and guests. 175 QC, Kaizen, TPS, SIT, CFT teams from 120 organisations participated.

In Valedictory Session awards were distributed to winners of Poems, Slogans and Poster Competition. Based on the Pre-evaluation and Presentation in the convention awards were presented to all the 175.

CCQC – DC 2014 at Palampur

Chapter Convention

QCFI Delhi Chapter – Sub Chapter Baddi  

13 September, 2nd Convention by Sub Chapter Baddi  was  inaugurated with lamp lighting by Chief Guest Thakur Ravinder Singh Ravi  (MLA & Former Minister I & PH Himachal Pradesh ) shared his views on QC concept and allied concepts and asked organisations to take the benefit of experience of QCFI for growth of their employees by involing them in day to day problems faced by them on shop floor.


Chief Guest Mr Ravindra Singh Ravi

Convention was organised at Orchid Resorts Palampur, Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh. 29 QC Case Studies and 4 Kaizen Case studies from 20 organisations participated in the convention. Based on the pre-evaluation and presentation 27 teams got Gold and 6 teams got Silver award.

Here are some glimpses:




CCQC event was coverd by local and regional newspapers. Here are cuttings from papers

Palampur News Panjab Keshri
Palampur News Panjab Keshri
Palampur News Jagaran
Palampur News Jagaran
Himachal Dustak
Himachal Dustak

CCQC- DC 2014 at Jaipur

2 August 2014, 2nd Convention by Jaipur Centre was inaugurated with lamp lighting by Chief Guest Mr Madhukar Sharma, Country Manager ASME-India, Mr J C Jha, S B Purohit and other senior members of centre.

j 1


Chairman Mr Jha presenting memento to Chief Guest


A Team presenting case study


Team from NEIL receiving award.

Convention was organised at Institute of Leadership Development at Jaipur. 22 QC Case Studies and 4 Kaizen Case studies were presented. Total 210 participants from 11 organisations attended the convention including QC members and delegates. Based on the pre-evaluation and presentation 16 teams got Gold, 7 teams Silver and 3 teams Bronze.

Results of other competitions are:

POEM: 1st  Ms Uma – Lumax, 2nd Ms Nidhi Srivastava –Lumax and 3rd  Om Prakash Gupta – National Engineering Industries

ESSAY: 1st Ms Meenakshi Sharma – National Engineering Industries, 2nd  Ms Usha Jain – National Engineering Industries

SLOGAN: 1st Ms Nidhi Srivastava – Lumax, 2nd  Ms Namita Verma – National Engineering Industries Ltd, 3rd  Mr Om Prakash Gupta – National Engineering Industries Ltd

POSTER: 1st Ms Shikha Choudhary – Lumax, 2nd Ms Raj Rani -Lumax

Chapter Convention on Quality Concepts -2012

Chapter  Convention on Quality Concepts 6th October-2012

23rd  Chapter Convention on Quality Concepts by QCFI Delhi Chapter was organised on 6th  October. Chief Guest Prof. Prem  Vrat, Vice Chancellor & Professor of Eminence, ITM University, Gurgaon & inaugurated the convention by Lightening the Lamp.


Prof. Prem  Vrat, addressing participants.


Mr. Ravi Kumar Pishipati, Vice Chairman –QCFI DC addressed the August gathering.

Chapter Activity report was presented by Mr SB  Purohit.


Total Participants 1448   Nos. Over  84 Industrial Organizations’ represented by 171 Quality Circles Teams presented their project reports


Jury Member  Mr Arun Malik and  Ms Lata Unnikrishnan viewing presentation


Jury Member  Dr Alka Kaul and  Mr Amit Prakash evaluating presentations of Quality Circle presentation.


Guest of Honour  Lt. Gen.  Karan Yadava, Vice Chancellor  – YMCA , Faridabad addressing the Participants during the Valedictory Session


Chief Guest Mr. Anil Rao,  IPS, Jt. Commissioner  of Police,  Gurgaon addressing the participants during Valedictory Session


Jury members of CCQC 2012

Mr. S B Purohit & Mr. Aniruddha Kaushik shared results of QC, SIT and  CFT Case Study presentations, Poems, Slogan and  Poster competitions.


Vote of  Thanks conveyed by Mr. R.B.Madhekar Sr. Vice Chairman QCFI DC.