NCQC 2022 KT-14 (Lean Quality Circle)

1. Lean Quality Circle follow __________________ for solving a problems.

A. 8-D Concept
C. 12 Problem Solving Steps
D. QC Story – 7 Steps Process

2. Lean Quality Circle was originally developed in

A. Indonesia
B. India
C. Israel
D. Pakistan

3. Flow Diagram is used for:

A. Better understanding of a process
B. Change or introduce new process
C. To amend alter or replace” the process
D. All the above

4.  Service Assurance is

A. Confidence with customer
B. Customer has trust
C. Employee has knowledge
D. All of the above

5. What does ISO stands for?

A. Indian Standards for Organizations

B. International Organization of Standards

C. International Organization for Standardization

D. International Standards Organization

6. Which QC Tool is used to show facts and also separate the ‘viatl few’ & ‘useful many’.

A. Pictorial Graphs

B. Fishbone Diagram

C. Pareto Diagram

D. Line Graph

7 While drawing Scatter Diagram repetition of  a value (‘n’ times) its  is depicted by:

A. Red colour

B. Encircling the data point on the diagram ‘n’ times

C. Encircled twice maximum

D. None of the above

8. Control chart is a

A. Process monitoring tool
B. Process control tool
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

8. Which one of these is a system for reducing changeover time?

A. Single Minute Exchange of Dies
B. Just in Time
C. Takt Time
D. Vendor-managed inventory

10. Which one is not included in the list of seven wastes? A. Defective product Design
B. Over Production
C. Waiting
D. Over Processing

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