KT 55: NCQC – 2021

1. Which one of the following charts is not an attribute control chart :
a) Number defective np chart
b) X-R Chart
c ) Percentage defective chart
d) No. of defects c chart

2. For a control chart the upper and lower control limits are set at :
a) Plus 3 sigma from the mean
b) Minus 3 sigma from the mean
c ) Plus and Minus 3 sigma from the mean
d) None of the above

3. When a process is following normal distribution what percentage of observations fall outside the 3 sigma limits ?
a) 3 %                           b) 3.2 parts per million
c ) 0.27%                      d) 2.2 parts per billion

4. Which type of Graph is more suitable for observing the trends ?
a) Bar graph                b) Radar Chart
d) Belt graph               d) Line graph

5. Which one of the following is not a natural (or rational) sub group ?
a) items produced in the same machine setting
b) castings poured from the same heat
c ) items made by operators of all 3 shifts
d) items made from the same raw material batch

6. For correct data analysis representative sampling is recommended. This means
a) Only best pieces should be sampled
b) Only worst piece should be samples
c ) Samples covering the overall population
of interest should be sampled
d) None of the above

7. Five political parties are standing for election. An agency has conducted an opinion poll on a sample basis and collected information on all the parties regarding “for” or “against” . Which graphical representation would best depict all the above information in one graph ?
a) Radar Graph            b) The float graph
c ) Pyramid Graph      d) Strata Graph

8. When are horizontal bar charts used ?
Ans. : When levels are too big to fit under vertical display

9. For a number defective np chart the sample size is fixed or varying ?
Ans.: Fixed

10. In a Pareto Diagram primary vertical axis presents quantity and secondary vertical axis represents what?
Ans.: Percentage

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