KT 56: NCQC – 2021

1. Which tool is used to simplify data collection and ensure that no items are omitted?
A. Check Sheet            C. Stratification
B. Brainstorming        D. Flow Diagram

2. Which Quality tool is not a part of data collection technique?
A. Data Sheets             C. Frequency Tables
B. Check sheets           D. Graphs

3. Which tool can be used to present the sequence of steps that we perform to produce some output?
A. Check Sheet            C. Stratification
B. Brainstorming        D. Flow Diagram

4. What is the name of the symbol ‘O’ (for example ©) in flow diagram?
A. Connector               C. Decision
B. Terminal                 D. Activity

5. Which presentation technique is used to show facts and also separate ‘vital few’ from ‘useful many’?
A. Pictorial Graphs       C. Fishbone Diagram
B. Pareto Diagram        D. Line Graph

6. For which activity Pareto Analysis cannot be used?
A. To generate a list of problems
B. To evaluate performance after implementation of solutions
C. To select a problem or concern
D. To identify ‘ vital few’ and ‘useful many’ problems

7. What should be examined in a flow Diagram, to seek the opportunities for change/ improvement?
A. Each decision symbol and rework loop
B. Each activity symbol and database symbol
C. Both the above
D. None of the above

8. Apart from understanding / studying the process, for what other purpose a flow diagram can be used?
A. Create problems
B. Have an insight into potential bottlenecks
C. Suggest time needed to solve problem
D. None of the above

9. Which graph/diagram helps teams to identify and focus on the vital few factors?
A. Pictorial Graphs
B. Fishbone Diagram
C. Pareto Diagram
D. Line Graph

10. Which graph or tool is used for singling out the really serious cause(s) from all the lesser ones?
A. Scatter Diagram
B. C. Bar Diagram
C. Histogram
D. D. Pareto Diagram

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