Fill in the blank:

  1. A rectangle in a flow diagram indicates a single____________ in the process.
  2. _________________ is a group technique for generating new, useful ideas. It uses a few simple rules for discussion that increase the chances of originality and innovation.
  3. The ______________________is an effective way to organize theories (possible causes) about root causes of observed phenomena
  4. A ________________ is a graphic presentation of the sequence of steps that we perform to produce some output.
  5. _______________________are pictorial representation of quantitative data.
  6. ___________________ is a graphical representation of relationship between two variables. It can be between a Cause and Effect and between two causes.
  7. ________________ is a graphical representation of a frequency distribution which is a summary of variation in a product or process.
  8. One or more items taken from a population intended to provide information on the population is called _________________.
  9. ________________________ charts/diagrams are useful principally  for showing proportions.
  1. Collection of required information in figures for statistical analysis is known as__________________.
  1. _______________________ thinking is as necessary for effective citizenship as the ability to read and write.
  2. The chart, which helps to measure the stability of the process over a period of time, is known as _________________.
  3. ___________________ is a simple form for recording facts / information but to make a conclusion additional processing is required.
  4. ______________ limits are based strictly on the variation in a manufacturing process.
  5.  If ranges are in control but much of the product is  outside the specification it may be because of  large _________________ variation.

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