1. Which presentation technique are  used to show facts and also separate the ‘useful many’
  2. To identify the priority areas how many types of Pareto Analysis can be made and on what basis.
  3. Name the specific type of graphical device used to control quality characteristics when it may not be possible to measure them on a quantitative basis.
  4. Application of what should be ensured by the facilitator from the stage of generation of list of problems.
  5. Which step of Five-S concept is used to make the workplace clean by eliminating dirt and dust.
  6. Which four step formula was suggested by a famous quality Guru to control or minimise problem.
  7. Determination of the type of storage system and layout is a result of which ‘S’ in Five-S concept.
  8. Name the diagram which is used in case of a revision / improvement in sequence activities of a service being provided.
  9. For beginners it is difficult to systematically arrange cause, sub-cause, sub-sub cause etc in cause and effect diagram in that case which method they should use.
  10. For circles apart from collection of facts, what is needed to prove or disprove the possible cause listed in a cause and effect diagram?
  11. Which tool / technique should not be used as a substitute of data?
  1. Which will help to represent large amount of information or data comprehensively and in a compact manner.
  2. Which type of data collection format are helpful in controlling defects in plastic components, glassware etc.
  3. In the Quality Structure, who is expected to be the Task oriented and at the same time play a parental role?
  4. Name the fifth step of problem solving technique?
  5. Who originated the theory of total quality control?
  6. Which tool is used to show facts and also separate the ‘useful many’?
  7. While developing solutions to root causes, which technique is used to show time bound & responsibility shared activity?
  8. Which Quality Guru visited Hero Honda, Dharuhera?
  9. Which statistical tool is useful for showing comparison among categories?

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