NCQC 2022 KT 2

  1. ___________ show what figures mean and clarify the facts that may be overlooked otherwise.
  2. Who observed that the quality defects are unequal in frequency?
  3.  The most obvious and common use of ________________________ is in prioritising problems.
  4. In Pareto Diagram, if all the bars or most of the bars are roughly the same height, go for further _____________. 
  5. In Pareto Diagram, if more than 50% categories account for 60% of quality defects, go for further _____________. 
  6. Who makes a good ____________________ diagram normally solve a problem.
  7. Repeated attempts to modify the ____________________ helps us to understand things better.
  8. _______________can be used for any problem and in any situation.
  9. _______________ is an aid to present information in a systematic manner.
  10. The information presented in ___________________ do not indicate the culprit cause of the problem.


1. Graphs, 2. Dr J M Juran, 3. Pareto Diagram, 4. Stratification, 5. Stratification, 6. Cause & Effect Diagram, 7. Cause & Effect diagram, 8. Cause & Effect Diagram, 9. Cause & Effect Diagram, 10. Cause & Effect Diagram

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