Knowledge Test Series 2018

Greeting to all the teams planning to participate in NCQC 2018.

Knowledge test is compulsory for all the teams. It will be held on 21 and 22 Dec 2018. It carries 50 marks. Separate question papers for QC, 5S, Lean QC & Allied concepts will be given. Three persons per team will be allowed for Knowledge Test. Separate test papers will be given to each individual. Average marks of the team from the circle will be considered for Knowledge test .Facilitator may also be a part of this team. Duration 20 minutes.

From 1st October I started sharing questions on this blog everyday to help your teams to prepare for KNOWLEDGE TEST.


Books recommended for Knowledge Test published by QCFI

Quality Circles:

  1. Practical Guide book for Quality Circle.
  2. Question Bank on Quality Circles.

5-S (Work Place management):

  1. Practical guide book on 5-S

Lean Quality Circle:

  1. Lean Quality Circle Book
  2. Question Bank on Quality Circles, Chapters-V, VI, VII, VIII AND IX,

Other Allied Concepts:

There will 5 Questions related to the concepts on 6 Sigma, TPM/WCM, TQM, and

15 Questions will be from problem solving tools and techniques.

Books recommended are:

  1. Problem Solving tools and techniques
  2. TQM with Six Sigma
  3. Question Bank on Quality Circles, Chapter V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X
  4. Total Productive Maintenance
  5. Six sigma approach for organizational excellence

Our purpose is Education, Education and Education………..


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