1. Basic idea of Deming Wheel came from
  1. Dr. W. E. Deming
  2. Dr. W. A. Shewhart
  3. Dr. J. M. Juran
  4. Dr. A. V. Feigenbaum
  1. Which one is not used for selection of problem?
  1. Priority number
  2. Ranking method
  3. Pareto Analysis
  4. Gantt Chart
  1. Collection of required information in figures for Statistical Analysis is known as?
  1. Check List
  2. Data Collection
  3. Pareto Diagram
  4. None of the above
  1. Which Tool is used to show facts and also separate the ‘useful many’?
  1. Pictorial Graphs
  2. Fishbone Diagram
  3. Pareto Diagram
  4. Line Graph
  1. Name the diagram which is used in case of a revision / improvement in the sequence of activities of a service being provided.
  1. Cause and Effect Diagram
  2. Bar Diagram
  3. Histogram
  4. Flow Diagram
  1. Which four step formula was suggested by a famous quality Guru to control or minimise problem.
  1. Define-Measure-Analyse-Minimise
  2. Plan-Do-Check-Act
  3. Data-Tools-Process-Team
  4. None of the above
  1. Out of following tools which one can be used for generating a list of problem?
  1. Cause and Effect Diagram
  2. Check Sheet
  3. Scatter Diagram
  4. None of the above
  1. To study if there is any correlation between ‘Months of Experience’ and ‘No of Errors’ which elementary tool should be used?
  1. Histogram
  2. Check Sheet
  3. Scatter Diagram
  4. None of the above
  1. Histogram is not used to
  1. Show relation between two variables
  2. Know the pattern of variation
  3. Assess conformance to specification
  4. Assess process capability
  1. In a Pareto chart the steep bend of the curve is not very predominant. This could be due to:
  1. A rectangular plot drawn
  2. Stratification not done appropriately
  3. Both above
  4. In certain cases, Pareto does not apply

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