1. Flow diagram cannot be used to develop a common understanding of the Process.                                                                                                                            True/ False

  1. If several efforts at Stratification do not produce an obvious category for further exploration, try two-stage (or more) stratification.                                   True/ False
  1. When stratification does not indicate an obvious pattern, the exercise has been a waste of time.                                                                                                       True/ False
  1. A project can be defined as a problem scheduled for solution.             True/ False

 5. Scatter Diagram is used for representation of relationship between two variables.                                                                                                                          True/ False

6. During brainstorming it is necessary to maintain a very sober and formal atmosphere, with strict enforcement of the brainstorming rules.              True/ False

7.      Cause and Effect Diagram is a visual representation of the factors that might contribute to an observed effect that is being examined.                              True/ False

  1. In Cause and Effect Diagram the interrelationships are generally not qualitative and hypothetical.                                                                                                 True/ False
  1. All the people in the team can contribute to the creation of a Cause and Effect Diagram.                                                                                                                  True/ False
  1. There should be only 4 main casual factors going into the central part of a Cause and Effect Diagram.                                                                                True/ False
  1. Problem is a visible performance deficiency in an important manufacturing, service, or business process.                                                                             True/ False
  1. Line graphs are useful for showing comparison among categories.    True/ False
  1. Scatter Diagrams give us a visual method for separating the vital few from useful many.                                                                                                            True/ False
  1. Pareto Analysis helps us establish consensus on our top priorities, thereby setting the stage for action.                                                                                True/ False
  2. Pareto Analysis can be used to check performance after a solution has been implemented.                                                                                                          True/ False

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