Knowledge Test – 20 Questions : Look for answers in our publications

Note: For Question No. 1 to 7 please write your answer in the blank space in the statements. For question no 8 to 16 write the answer in the space given below the statements. For question number 17 to 18 tick the correct answer.


1. In Control Chart, if ranges are in control but much of the product is outside the specification limit it may be because of large _________________ variation.

2. A _________ ________ is used to display the relative contribution of different subcategories of data.

3. To study if there is any relationship between ‘Overtime’ and ‘No of Errors’ suggested tool is ______________.

4. Collection of required information in figures for Statistical Analysis is known as ______________.

5. ___________________ is a simple form for recording facts / information but to make a conclusion additional processing is required.

6. To identify shifts in process capability we can use ____________________ from basic seven tools.

7. To monitor and track data over a period of time and trend line analysis is know as ________________?

8. Name the elementary tool which is used to simplify data collection and ensure that no items are omitted when inspecting.

9. This tool is used for singling out the really serious problem or cause from among all the lesser ones.

10. Out of Elementary Seven Tools which one can be used for generating a list of problems?

11. Like Pareto Diagram in which facts presentation method ‘others’ or miscellaneous segment is shown at the end?

12. Name the specific type of graphical device used to control quality characteristics when it may not be possible to measure them on a quantitative basis.

13. Name the diagram which is used in case of a revision / improvement in sequence activities of a service being provided.

14. For beginners it is difficult to systematically arrange cause, sub-cause, sub-sub cause etc in that case which type of cause and effect diagram should be used to for mapping out all the possible causes.

15. Which tool / techniques can be used to dissect a process for better understanding and analyzing.

16. Name the data analysis method where paired data is plotted to form an idea as to whether the variables are related or not.

17. Which statement is correct

  • 1. QC is just problem solving group
  • 2. QC is a forum for discussing matters relating to industrial relation
  • 3. QC is not a forum for grievances or demand
  • 4. Is it necessary that a QC case study should always result in monetary saving

18. A flow diagram drawn to understand / study the process helps the team to

  • 1. Create problems
  • 2. Have an insight into potential bottlenecks
  • 3. Suggest time needed to solve problem
  • 4. None of the above

19. Discrete variables are also called

  • 1. Frequency distribution
  • 2. Continuous variables
  • 3. Discontinuous Invariables
  • 4. None of the above

20. Pareto Analysis cannot be used

  • 1. To generate a list of problems
  • 2. To evaluate performance after implementation of solutions
  • 3. To select a problem or concern
  • 4. To identify ‘useful many’ problem

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