KT 94: NCQC-2021

01. Which tool is used to simplify data collection and ensure that no items are omitted when inspecting. ? 

A. Check Sheet                                C. Stratification

B. Brainstorming                             D. Flow Diagram

02. Cause and Effect Diagram is used to arrange which type of causes?

A. Actual Causes                           C. Assignable Causes

B. Root Causes                              D. Possible Causes

03. While drawing Process Flow Diagram the symbol ‘O’ represents what?

A. Connector                                 C. Decision

B. Terminal                                    D. Activity

04. For drawing Pareto Diagram, data has to be arranged in:

A. Ascending order                        C. Descending order

B. Any order                                   D. None of the above

05. Out of the following which graph tool is used for singling out the really serious problem or cause from among all the lesser ones?

A. Scatter Diagram                        C. Bar Diagram

B. Histogram                                  D. Pareto Diagram

06. Which presentation technique is used to show facts and also separate ‘vital few’ the ‘useful many’?

A. Pictorial Graphs                          C. Fishbone Diagram

B. Pareto Diagram                           D. Line Graph

07. In a Pareto chart the steep bend of the curve is not very predominant. This could be due to:

A. A rectangular plot drawn             C. In certain cases, Pareto does not apply

B. Both A & D                                  D. Stratification not done appropriately

08. Which Quality tool is not a part of data collection technique?

A. Data Sheets                                 C. Frequency Tables

B. Check sheets                               D. Graphs

09. Out of following type of wastes which one is worst?

A. Transportation                              C. Motion

B. Overproduction                            D. Waiting

10. In a flow Diagram, to seek the opportunities for change/ improvement teams should examine:

A. Each decision symbol and rework loop

B. Each activity symbol and database symbol

C. Both the above

D. None of the above

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