KT 87: NCQC – 2021

1. Graph which shows changes over a specific time period is called
A. meridian graph
B. pie graph
C. line graph
D. bar graph

2. Pareto Diagram is useful to prioritize corrective action for high-frequency causes of problems.
A. True
B. False

3. Vertical axis of bar graph is also known as
A. y-axis
B. h-axis
C. v-axis
D. x-axis

4. In Line Graph, x-axis represents
A. false energy units
B. infrared energy units
C. subject of measurement
D. time period

5. In Line Graph, y-axis represents
A. time period in years
B. subject of measurement
C. time period in days
D. time period in minutes

6. Horizontal axis of bar graph is also termed as
A. v-axis
B. x-axis
C. y-axis
D. h-axis

7. Normal variance in a manufacturing processes is due to:
A. Special Common Causes
B. External Special Causes
C. Common Causes
D. Assignable Causes

8. A Line Graph is a useful tool to represent:
A. behavior of data points against control criteria
B. patterns and trends in a row of data points
C. behavior of data points against specifications
D. the error margin of a sample versus a whole population

9. Control Limits are the same are Specifications Limits.
A. True
B. False

10. Flow Diagram represent
A. Causes of process variation
B. The kind of forms to fill out
C. Who reports to whom
D. How inputs get processed into outputs

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