KT 85: NCQC 2021


1. Which one of the following activities of facilitators is not true?
a. Serve as a resource person to the circle
b. Assist in the meeting process
c. Take part in the circle presentation as a member
d. Give correct feedback and encourage QC team

2. Whose responsibility is it to convene a steering committee meeting?
a. Coordinators
b. CEO
c. Leader
d. Facilitators

3. Whose job is it to handle requests for formation of new circles in an organization?
a. CEO
b. Steering Committee
c. Facilitators
d. Coordinator

4. Which among the following roles of top management is not true?
a. Serving on the steering committee or Quality Council
b. Reviewing progress of Quality Circles
c. Serving personally as a Quality Improvement Team member.
d. Providing the needed resources for the circles

5. Which of the following role of steering committee is not true?
a. Should see that Quality Circle activities become a way of life in the organization
b. Should attend Success stories presented by Quality Circle
c. Should give positive and corrective feedback to the Quality Circle
d. Should not attend annual social get together of Quality Circle

6. Cause and effect diagram is used for presenting
a. Relation between possible solutions of causes
b. Relation between cause and effect
c. Difference between causes & effect
d. Relation between two problems

7. Most preferably Quality Circles should meet:
a. Whenever they need
b. When they are ready
c. Once in a fort night
d. Once in a week

8. Brainstorming can be is used for idea generation by:
a. Shop Floor Personnel
b. Mangers
c. Politicians
d. All the above

9. While generating a list of problems, Causes or Solutions using Brainstorming technique
a. Quality is more important than Quantity
b. Quantity is more important than quality
c. Quality & Quantity both are important
d. Both are not important

10. In a Flow Diagram, What does a rectangle represent?
a. An activity Symbol
b. Decision Symbol
c. Data base symbol
d. Terminal Symbol

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