KT: NCQC – 2021 Make corrections in QCFI – HQs Question Bank Book


In old version of “Question Bank on Quality Circle …..” some correction were informed by QC members from various organisations. Please check that you have new version or correct answers as per details given below:
1. Page 7 – Q 68: As per Dr. Juran, which activity is a “self performance appraisal” in an organization that has to be carried out in an integrated manner at all levels from top to bottom?

The answer given is “Total Quality Management”.

The correct seems to be “Quality Control Activities”

(Reference: “QC Concept & Implementation” – page 45).


2. Page 7 – Q 70: As per Dr. Deming, the prime requisite for achievement of any goal, including quality is ______________

The answer given is “Transformation of Organizations”

The correct answer is “Joy at Work”.

(Reference – QC Concept & Implementation – Page 54)

3. Page 14 – Q 4: Which one is not the specific feature of CWQC

Here choice (c) Quality Control Circle has been marked as the answer.

But while going through QC Concept & Implementation – (page 58 to 60) it appeared that choice (b) Inspection oriented Quality Control System should have been more appropriate.


4. Page 80 – Q 65: As per Dr. Juran, collection of information or generation of information begins and ends with _________?

The answer given is “Data”

The correct answer is “Questions” (Ref. – PST – page 100)

5. Page 15 – Q 30: Application of statistical concepts and techniques for control of quality in all areas is termed as _________

The answer given is “Company Wide Quality Control”

The correct answer is “Statistical Quality Control” or SQC
(Reference “QC Concept & Implementation” – page 47)


6. Page 26 – Q 28: The member who asks wild questions in a Quality Circle meeting is jocularly called as a ________

The answer given is “(a) Monkey”

The correct answer is (d) Fox
(Reference – QC Concept & Implementation – Page 201)

7. Page 29 – Q 62: Three dimensions of management role to sustain Quality Circle are ______, _______ & _________

The answer given is “ Learning, Teaching & Facilitating”

The correct answer is “Listening, Teaching & Facilitating”
(Reference – QC Concept & Implementation – page 145)


8. Page 39 – Q 28: Mr. J.P.Guildford identified five key elements concerning human ability to be creative. Four of them are fluency, flexibility, originality and awareness. Which is the fifth one?

The answer given is “Creativity”

The correct answer is “Drive”.
(Reference – Problem Solving Technique – page 74)


9. Page 39 – Q 29: When can a leader support Piggy-backing in Quality Circle activities?

The answer given is “When meeting becomes slow”

The more appropriate answer seems to be “When brainstorming seems to slow down, the leader may suggest piggy backing”
(Reference – Problem Solving Technique – page 85)

10. Page 42 – Q 21: If the formats are not proper and adequately prepared and tested in working condition, this may create error in interpretation. This is called as _____

The answer given is “Non Response Bias”

The correct answer is “Exclusion Bias”
(Reference – Problem Solving Technique – page 110 / 111)

11. Page 42 – Q 23: If the Quality characteristics can be measured with the help of an instrument, equipment or measuring process, it is called _________

The answer given is “Measurable Data”

The more appropriate answer seems to be “Measurable Characteristic”
(Reference – Problem Solving Technique – page 291)

12. Page 48 -Q 66: Which graph could be used for comparison of distinct aspects of data?

The answer given is “Area Graph”

The correct answer is “Float Graph”
(Ref. – Problem Solving Technique – page 144)

13. Page 49 – Q 68: Which type of graph is used to show the trend for the total data of a process and for each component of the total?

The answer given is “Belt Graph”

The correct answer is “Strata / Area Graph”
(Ref. – PST – page 142 / 143)

14. Page 65 – Q 34: In the sequence of problem solving steps, which is the step preceding “Follow-up and review”?

The answer given is “Regular implementation follow up”

The correct answer will be “Regular implementation”

15. Page 69 – Q 49: Correct the following – “The ability to look into the future i.e beyond the immediate facts is known as drive”

The answer given is “Originality in place of drive”

The correct answer will be “Awareness in place of drive”

Printing Mistakes

Page 42 (Q 25)
Printing mistake – Answer should be Attribute instead of Attributed

Page 45 (Q18)
Printing mistake – Answer should be Labels are too big to fit under vertical display”

Page 65 (Q 33)
Printing mistake – Question will be “In the step ……., which is the step that precedes ‘Regular Implementation’ ”?

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