KT 69: NCQC – 2021

1. Which tool will help to represent large amount of information or data comprehensively and in a compact manner.

Ans.: Graphs

2. Which tool / technique should not be used as a substitute of data?

Ans.: Brainstorming

3. Name the data analysis method where paired data is plotted to form an idea as to whether the variables are related or not.

Ans.: Scatter Diagram

4. This is an important tool used by Quality Circles to define the problem area but can be effectively used to reveal no longer needed tasks/activities also.

Ans.: Flow Diagram

5. When one variable does not bear a constant ratio to the amount of change in the other variable, the correlation between them is _____________________________.

Ans.: Curvilinear or Non Linear

6. If an organization doubles its expenditure on advertisement its sales would not necessarily be doubled. What type of correlation is there between sales turnover and expenditure on advertisement?

Ans.: Curvilinear or Non Linear

7. For verbal data collection ________________________ method is ideal in providing every participant, including those less experience, an equal chance to contribute, and it greatly slows down the more dominant individuals.

Ans.: Round Robin Brainstorming

8. To monitor and track data over a period of time and trend line analysis is know as ________________?

Ans.: Line Graph

9. Name the chart, which is typically used to track and monitor the progress of a project.

Ans.: Milestone chart

10. ___________________ is a simple form for recording facts / information but to make a conclusion additional processing is required.

Ans.: Data Sheet

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