KT 59: NCQC – 2021

1. Which one is a compound graph :
a) Radar graph             b) Pareto diagram
c ) Zee graph                 d) Area graph

2. In compound graph bars are arranged in
a) Ascending order              b) Descending order
c ) No order is required      d) As per given order

3. The originator of modern graphic method is :
a) Mr. MC. Lorenz              b) Mr. S. Oakland
c ) Mr. T. H. Lambert         d) Mr. W. Pareto

4. “Give any two types of special graphs derived from Bar Graphs ? a) _________ b)_________”

5. “Cause and effect diagram” is which type of
graph ?
a) Line graph                  b) Compound graph
c ) Pictorial graph          d) It is not a graph

6. In X-R chart the moving range ‘R’ is :
a) Largest value                b) Average of all values
c ) Smallest Value             d) None of the above

7. A Control chart helps us to identify deviatins ina
process due to
a) Assignable causes                 b) Chance causes
c ) Common causes                   d) None of the above

8. What does ‘Run’ signify in control chart :
a) Three point occur on one side of the control chart
b) No points occur on one side of the control chart
c ) Seven or more points occur continuously on one side of the control chart
d) None of the above

9. In which type of control chart the upper and lower control limits will not be constant but will be varying :
a) ‘c’ chart                          b) np chart
c ) ‘p’ chart                         d) X-R chart

10. Which type of graph is more suitable for observing the trends :
a) Bar graph                      b) Radar graph
c ) Belt graph                    d) Line graph

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