KT 62: NCQC – 2021

1. Who should watch the changing trends in the market ?
a) Workers
b) R & D Department
c ) The marketing dept.
d) The top Management

2. Who has stated that variability was a fact of industrial life ?
a) Dr. J. M. Juran
b) Dr. W.E.Deming
c ) Dr. K. Ishikawa
d) Dr. W.A.Shewhart

3. Which one of the following Quality gurus lived for more than 100 years ?
a) Dr. W.E.Deming
b) Dr. K. Ishikawa
c ) Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis
d) Dr.J.M.Juran

4. Which Quality Guru was the pioneer in applying statistics to diverse fields ?
a) Dr. Genichi Taguchi
b) Dr. K. Ishikawa
c ) Dr. Abdul Kalam
d) Prof.P.C.Mahalanobis

5. Which of the following Gurus choose not to seek publicity for himself in any form ?
a) Dr. J. M. Juran
b) Dr. W.E.Deming
c ) Prof.P.C.Mahalanobis
d) Dr.A.V.Feigenbaum

6. Who was the founder president of JUSE and KAI-DEN-REN ?
a) Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa
b) Ichiro Ishikawa
c ) Dr. Genichi Taguchi
d) None of these

7. Dr. A.V.Feigenbaum was best known through his article on ___________ ?
Ans. : Total Quality Control

8. Apart from involving the entire organization the most significant focus of TQM is __________ ?
Ans . : Customer focus

9. Juran’s trilogy deals with planning and control.
What is the third one in that ?
Ans . : Improvement

10. PDCA diagram is known as ____________ ?
Ans . : Deming wheel

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