KT 37: NCQC – 2021

1. Who observed that quality defects are in unequal in frequency ?
a) Dr. J.M.Juran
b) Philip B. Crosby
c ) Dr. W.E.Deming
d) Dr. K. Ishikawa

2. Elementary statistical method consisting of 7 tools has to be used by every one and 95% of all the problems in a company can be solved by the use of these tools, who said this ?
a) Dr. Genichi Taguchi
b) Dr. J.M.Juran
c ) Dr. K. Ishikawa
d) Dr. W.E.Deming

3. Which quality Guru donated his manuscripts to Indian Statistical Institute ?
a) Prof.P.C.Mahalonobis
b) Dr.J.M.Juran
c ) Dr. W.E.Deming
d) Dr. W.A.Shewhart

4. Which quality Guru received the unique honour of developing sampling technique, In 1940’s ?
a) Dr. W.E.Deming
b) Dr. W.A.Shewhart
c ) Dr. J.M.Juran
d) Philip B. Crosby

5. Dr.J.M.Juran encompassed Quality Planning, Quality Control and _________ in to one word, i.e. Jurna’s Trilogy ?
a) Quality Presentation
b) Quality Improvement
c ) Quality trial
d) Quality Standardization

6. Which one does not belong to Elementary Statistical Method described by Dr.K.Ishikawa ?
a) Cause & effect diagram
b) Pareto Analysis
c ) Histogram
d) Brain storming

7. Who has given Juran’s Trilogy ?
a) Dr. W.E.Deming
c ) QCFI
d) None of these

8. Which element is not a constituent to the Juran’s trilogy ?
a) Planning
b) Control
c ) Checking
d) improvement

9. “Quality control should be a part of management” who said this ?
a) Dr. W.E.Deming
b) Dr. Genichi Taguchi
c ) Dr. A.V.Feigenbaum
d) Dr. J. M. Juran

10. Who introduced two sub steps in the four steps of P-D-C-A ?
a) Dr. Shigeo Shingo
b) Dr. Genichi Taguchi
c ) Dr. Junji Noguchi
d) Dr. K. Ishikawa

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