KT 9 : NCQC – 2021

1. In X-R chart, the value of A2R is 1.8. Calculate the value of sigma i.e. standard deviation?
Ans: 0.6

2. Cause and effect diagram was introduced in the period:
a) 1971-1980
b) 1951-1960
c) 1961-1970
d) Before 1950

3. In X-R chart, the value of X = 72.972 gms. No. of observations are 25, average moving range R =3.384, value of d2 = 1.128, what will be the value of UCL ?
Ans: 81.972

4. “As long as there is a workplace, Quality Control Circle activities must be continued”. Who said this ?
a) Dr. Abdul Kalam
b) Dr. J. M. Juran
c) Dr. W. E. Deming
d) K. Ishikawa

5. Highest value of 625 observations of a Biscuit packet is 102.50 gm. Least count to scale by which weight of packets is taken is 0.05 gm. If the range is 1.55 gm, calculate the second-class interval?
Ans: 101.085 – 101.245

6. How many defective pieces will be in a lot of 20000 pieces of toy? If the process is adjusted at 3 sigma level.
Ans: 54

7. When the coefficient correlation between 2 variables is 0.9 what does it indicate?
Ans: Strong positive correlation

8. What % of values lies between plus and minus 3 sigma when the process is under normal Distribution:
a) 91.73%
b) 93.73%
c) 97.73%
d) 99.73%

9. What should be the recommended number of classes or groups for 627 observations for frequency distribution for making Histogram ?
a) 8
b) 9
c) 11
d) 10

10. Which one belongs to elementary statistical method (7 tools):
a) Brain Storming
b) Flow diagram
c) Tree diagram
d) Scatter diagram

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