KT 11 : NCQC – 2021

1. Calculate the value of LCL of a process if the value A 2 R = 3.3 , value of A 2 = 0 . 577, and X = 15.2
Ans: 11.9

2. In X-R Chart, the value of X=79.972 gms. No. of observations are 25, average moving range R=3.382, value of d2 = 1.128, What will be the value of standard deviation?
Ans: 3

3. Which type of graph is used in different type of control charts?
Ans: Line Graph

4. Who showed Dr. Juran that the salary of General Motor’s executives is in line with Pareto’s theory?
a) M. G. Lorenz
b) Vilfredo Pareto
c) K. Ishikawa
d) Merk Hale

5. Best decisions are likely to be arrived at by taking decisions based on:
a) Gut feeling
b) Past experience
c) Sixth sense
d) Appropriate data

6. Alex Osborn has given the technique of
a) Graph
b) Histogram
c) Stratification
d) Brainstorming

7. The difference between the highest and the lowest readings in a sample of observations is called
a) Average
b) Deviation
c) Standard deviation
d) Range

8. What is the formula for calculating UCL & LCL for X-R chart.
Ans.: UCLx = X + A2R; LCLx = X – A2R

9. In X-R Chart, for sub group of 5, what will be the value of UCLx if X = 35.5 gms, value of sigma is 1.5, and the value of A 2 = 0 . 577. Number of observations are 225.
Ans: 40

10. What will be the angle for representing Rs. 4000 as travelling expenses out of total expenditure of Rs. 80,000/- on a pie graph?
Ans: 180

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