KT 10: NCQC – 2021

1. If average defective toys are 62 per lot of 100 toys. What will be the upper control limit for Defective toys?
Ans: 13.43

2. In X-R chart for size of group is 5, the value of A2 = 0.577, Dr = 2.115. If the average range of 20 sets of reading is 3.0, what will be the value of standard deviation of the process?
Ans: 0.577

3. Calculate the value of sigma of a process, if the value A 2 R = 3.3, value of A2 = 0.577 and X =75.2
Ans.: 1.1

4. In X-R chart, for the sub group of 5, what will be the value of LCL, if X = 35.5 gms. Value of sigma is 1.5, and the value of A2 = 0.577
Ans: 31

5. Who has given Juran’s Trilogy?
a) Dr. W. E. Deming
d) None of these

6. Which element is not a constituent to the Juran’s trilogy?
a) Planning
b) Control
c) Checking
d) Improvement

7. Which one of the following Quality gurus lived for more than 100 years?
a) Dr. W. E. Deming
b) Dr. K. Ishikawa
c) Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis
d) J. M. Juran

8. For 342 observations, the range is 7.9 cm, and the least court of the measuring instrument is 0.2cm. What will be the class width for making Histogram?
Ans: 0.9

9. If the least count of a balance is 2 gms, and the minimum weight out of 289 packets checked is 98 gms. What should be the lower limit of the first class interval?
Ans: 97 gms .

10. To make histogram of 630 observations of weight of Biscuit packets were taken. Highest reading is 96.2 gms and the lowest reading is 93.8 gms. If the lease count of balance is 0.2 gm, what should be the first class interval.
Ans: 93.70- 93.96

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