KT 13: NCQC – 2021

1. Hygienic factors of motivation was introduced by
a) Maslow
b) McGregor
c) Frederick Herzberg
d) Elton Mayo

2. Which theory considers that work is as natural as play if it is associated with recognition?
a) McGregor’s theory Y
b) Maslow’s Theory
c) Elton Mayo’s Theory
d) McGregor’s theory Y
3. Quality Circle studies are presented to the management
a) To impress management
b) To provide motivation to Quality Circle
c) To prepare QCs for participation in conventions
d) As an occasion to share the achievements with others in the Company

4. Which one belongs to elementary statistical method (7 tools) :
a) Brain Storming
b) Scatter diagram
c) Tree diagram
d) Flow diagram

5. An appropriate tool to study the problem of process variation is__________:
a) Bar Chart
b) Pareto Chart
c) Stratification
d) Histogram

6. Theory X and Theory Y was created and developed by
a) Douglas McGregor
b) William Ouchi
c) Nobuki Idei
d) Kazuro Hirai
7. ______________ says people don’t like to work and will avoid it if they can
a) Theory X
b) Theory Y
c) Theory Z
d) None of the above

8. Theory Z of ___________________ emphasizes long-term employment, slow career development, and group decision-making.
a) William Ouchi’s
b) Douglas McGregor’s
c) Nobuki Idei’s
d) Kazuro Hirai’s

9. Frederick Irving Herzberg was an ________________________ psychologist
a) American
b) British
c) Italian
d) Japanese

10. Which one is not true for Quality Circle meeting ?
a) Helps in generating lot of ideas
b) Helps in arriving at consensus decisions
c) Helps the ago satisfaction of a few members
d) Helps in better team involvement in implementations.

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