KT 12: NCQC – 2021

1. In setting objectives , which of the following question one should choose ?
a) what
b) How
c) Why
d) When

2. In Methodology policy, reply of which one is to be given ?
a) What
b) How
c) Why
d) When

3. In a systematic problem solving steps, which is the first step , where member gives their own ideas ?
a) Problem Selection
b) Problem Identification
c) Problem Analysis
d) Check Performance

4. What is the prime objective of attending any convention ?
a) To attend the convention as per management instructions
b) To present case study
c) To learn from other Quality Circles
d) To enjoy at the convention

5. Who showed Dr. Juran that the salary of General Motor’s executives is in line with Pareto’s theory ?
a) M. G. Lorenz
b) W. Pareto
c ) K. Ishikawa
d) Merk Hale

6. “Ways and means of achieving objectives” is called
a) Objective Policy
b) P-D-C-A Policy
c ) Concrete Policy
d) Methodology Policy

7. When was QCFI established ?
a) 1998
b) 1960
c ) 1991
d) 1982

8. Knowledge of problem solving is must for :
a) Solving Problems in a systematic manner
b) For making a case study presentation
c ) Learn SQC Technique
d) Right approach to problem any where

9.Best decisions are likely to be arrived at by taking decisions based on :
a) Gut feeling
b) Past experience
c ) Sixth sense
d) Appropriate data

10. For planning which activity chart will be better?
a) Milestone chart
b) Gantt Chart
c) Anyone of these 2
d) Gantt chart will not be used

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