KT 28: NCQC – 2021

1. In PDCA Cycle, when P indicates ‘Plan’ D indicates ‘Do’, what do C and A indicate ?

Ans.: CHECK and ACT respectively

2. Name the part of the PDCA Cycle in which “Regular Implementation” step of problem solving method can be cited..

Ans.: ACT

3. Which is a strategy for defect prevention?

Ans.: Statistical Process Control.

4. What are the two Journals published by JUSE which became the household names as per Dr. J. M. Juran?

Ans.: Statistical Quality Control and GEMBA to QC.

5. “Evolutionary progress plus continuous improvement as a way of function” known asm?

Ans.: Quality Management Revolutionary progress.

6. From which year the most crucial breakthrough came in the Modern Quality Movement?

Ans.: 1931.

7. What is the third step of Six Sigma method of solving problem?

Ans.: Analyse

8. Who was the first to argue that “Quality should be considered at all  stages of the process and not just within the manufacturing function”.

Ans.: Dr. A. V. Feigenbaum.

9. Which are the problem solving techniques that are being used by the system analysts, to ensure that all aspects involved in theprocess are covered, while programming for the computer?

Ans.:  Flow Diagram.

10. Who has given the statement that “The age of excessive caution is over. One who cannot enter the new age by crossing the bridge, cannot be a top Manager”.?

Ans.:  Dr. K. Ishikawa.

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