KT 38: NCQC – 2021

1. Who is known as the man who discovered quality?
A. Dr. W. A. Shewhart
B. Dr. J. M. Juran
C. Dr. W. E.Deming
D. Dr. K.Ishikawa

2. According to Dr. J. M. Juran whose responsibility is it to watch the changing trends in the market?
A. Workers
B. R & D department
C. The Marketing dept.
D. The Top Management

3. Who was the first to recognize that variability was a fact of industrial life and that it could be managed by the principles of probability & statistics.
A. Dr. J. M. Juran
B. Dr. W. E. Deming
C. Dr. K. Ishikawa
D. Dr.W.A.Shewhart

4. Who revised the four steps of PDCA to Six ?
A. Dr. W. E. Deming
B. Dr. K. Ishikawa
C. Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis
D. Dr. J. M. Juran

5. Who gave the 14 Points for Quality Improvement to the top management ?
A. Prof. P.C.Mahalanobis
B. Dr. J. M. Juran
C. Dr. W. E. Deming
D. Dr.W.A.Shewhart

6. During which period Prof . Mahalanobis was a member of the planning commission of Government of India ?
A. 1955-56
B. 1941-45
C. 1945-48
D. 1950-55

7. Which are the problem solving techniques that are being used by the system analysts to ensure that all aspects involved in the process are covered, while programming for the computer?
A. Flow Diagram
B. Collecting Data
C. Control Chart
D. Cause and Effect Diagram

8. As per Dr. Juran , collection of information orgeneration of information begins and ends with?
A. Questions
B. Data Collection
C. Cause & Effect Diagram
D. Control Chart

9. In a cause and effect analysis, do all the validated caused affect the problem equally?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Do not know
D. May be

10. Which is the step in problem solving where P-D-C-A is very much required
A. Trial & Implementation & Regular Implementations
B. Cause and Effect Diagram
C. Check Sheet
D. After Follow up and Review

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