KT 23 : NCQC – 2021

1. How many steps are there in the problem solving method as suggested by the QCFI.

Ans.: Twelve

2. How many tools have been recommended by the QCFI which arein use while practicing problem solving method?

Ans.: Ten

3. Name the tool that has use many times while solving a problem.

Ans.: Brainstorming

4. Name the tool used to enable understanding of the process / flow and locate a problem.

Ans.: Flow diagram

5.Name the tool used to differentiate between vital and trivial causes.

Ans.: Pareto chart

6.Name the chart that shows the planning activity.

Ans.: Milestone Chart.

7. What is the step of the problem solving method that is to be carried out to find all the possible causes.

Ans.: Identification of causes.

8.What is the step of the problem solving method to be follow immediately after the “Developing solutions”.

Ans.: Foreseeing probable resistance

9.Name the diagram that represents graphically the relationship between two variables.

Ans.: Scatter Diagram

10.Name the tool that can be used while eliminating abnormalvariation in process output by distinguishing variations due toassignable causes from those due to chance causes.

Ans.: Control chart

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