KT 25: NCQC – 2021

1.The partime standards published in USA at the time of II World War.

Ans.: Z -1 standards

2.Which type of graph is used to show the trend for the total data and for each component of the total?

Ans.: Strata graph or Area graph.

3.What is the process of sharing human mind?

Ans.: Education.

4.As Dr. Deming, what is the heart of transformation?

Ans.: It is the release of intrinsic motivation by creating joy,pride, happiness.

5.What was the primary importance given by Europe or USA during implementation of Quality Circles, and which caused the declining journey in these countries?

Ans.: Importance to organisational improvement. No proper attention paid to improvement of people

6. As per Dr. J.M. Juran collection of information or generation of information begins and ends with?

Ans.: Questions.

7. Which will describe the inherent variation in the process?

Ans.: Control limits.

8.As per Dr. Juran’s twelve steps method of solving problem, whatis the twelve steps?

Ans.: Monitor Control system.

9. Who was awarded the National medal of Technology by PresidentBush?

Ans.: Dr. J.M. Juran.

10. For chronic problem, Dr. Juran suggested. proj ect by projectmethod. What is the first step to follow in this approach?

Ans.: Proof of the need.

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