KT 24: NCQC – 2021

1.In PDCA Cycle, when P indicates ‘Plan’ D indicates ‘Do’, what do C and A indicate ?Ans.: CHECK and ACT respectively

2.Name the part of the PDCA Cycle in which “Regular Implementation” step of problem solving method can be cited..

Ans.: ACT

3.Which is a strategy for defect prevention?

Ans.: Statistical Process Control.

4.What are the two Journals published by JUSE which became the household names as per Dr.J.M. Juran?

Ans.: Statistical Quality Control and GEMBA to QC.

5.”Evolutionary progress plus continuous improvement as a way of function” known as?

Ans.: Quality Management Revolutionary progress.

6.From which year the most crucial breakthrough came in the Modern Quality Movement?

Ans.: 1931.

7.What is the third step of Six Sigma method of solving problem?

Ans.: Analyse

8.Who was the first to argue that “Quality should be considered at all stages of the process and not just within the manufacturing function”.

Ans.: Dr.A.V. Feigenbaum

9.Which are the problem solving techniques that are being used by the system analysts, to ensure that all aspects involved in the process are covered, while programming for the computer?

Ans.: Flow Diagram.

10.Who has given the statement that “The age of excessive caution is over. One who cannot enter the new age by crossing the bridge, cannot be a top Manager” .

Ans.: Dr. K. Ishikawa.

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