KT 19: NCQC – 2021

1. In a bar graph should each bar have the same width ?
Ans.: Yes

2. Can chance causes be fully eliminated ?
Ans.: No

3. Can we conclude that a process is under control when there are 7 or more points continuously on one side of the average line ?
Ans : No

4. In an (X R) Chart, Control charts are drawn for average. Are control charts with upper & lower limits drawn for range also ?
Ans.: Yes

5. On a control chart,how far are the control limits set from mean ?
Ans : Upper Control limit + 3 sigma
Lower Control Limit – 3 sigma

6. In a control chart if all the points are within the control limits, what does it indicate ?
Ans. : The process is stable

7. Average and standard deviation are sufficient to describe which type of distribution ?
Ans.: Normal distribution

8. ____________ indicates the inherent variation in the process.
Ans.: Chance cause

9. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ formula is applicable to calculate lower control limit for ‘R’ in X-R chart
Ans.: D3 R

10. Control charts are classified in to two categories they are _________ and __________.
Ans.: Variable Control Chart,  Attributed Control Chart

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