KT 43: NCQC – 2021

1. What is the primary objective of Quality Circle ?
a) Keep employees occupied
b) Higher Profit
c ) Self & mutual development of employees
d) To Solve the problems

2. Which one is not a distinguishing feature of CWQC ?
a) Quality firast, profit next
b) Adaptation of the principle next process is the customer
c ) Application of SQC techniques
d) Applicable only to the bottom level employees

3. Which one of the following is not a typical feature of TQM
a) Customer driven quality
b) Continuous improvement
c ) Action based on facts, data & analysis
d) Strong inspection oriented establishment

4. Which one is not the specific feature of CWQC
a) Application of SQC Techniques
b) Inspection oriented Quality Control System
c ) Quality control circles
d) Practice of Humanistic thought in management.

5. Quality Circle concept was started in India in the year :
a) 1984              b) 1992

c) 1982              d) 1986

6. The famous Deming awards for the
accomplishment in quality to individuals and
companies were intiated in :
a) USA             b) Japan
c ) India          d) Singapore

7. What is CWQC ?
Ans : Company Wide Quality Control

8. Apart from involving the entire organization the most significant focus of TQM is ___________ ?
Ans : Employees Relation, Operating Procedures, Customer Satisfaction & Financial Performance

9. One of the important features of a particular concept is Treating the “Next process as the customer”? What is that concept ?
Ans : CWQC

10. What is the expanded form of QIT ?
Ans. : Quality improvement Team

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