KT 1: NCQC – 2021

Foe following statements – answer in True or False (T/F)

  1. Pareto Analysis helps us establish consensus on our top priorities, thereby setting
    the stage for action.                                                                                                         T / F
  2. Pie charts are useful principally for showing proportions.                            T / F
  3. When stratification does not indicate an obvious pattern, the exercise has been
    a waste of time.                                                                                                                T / F
  4. During the CHECK phase, the data and results gathered from the DO phase
    are evaluated.?                                                                                                                 T / F
  5. With the help of Flow Diagram we can walk through a process without leaving
    the meeting room.                                                                                                           T / F
  6. If a guest member is invited for brainstorming meeting then he/she should be
    given special status.                                                                                                        T / F
  7. The record books should be filled by circles after completing the project.        T / F
  8. The record books should be filled during every Quality Circle meeting.    T / F
  9. The leader of the Quality Circle should be selected by the facilitator.         T / F
  10. During brainstorming it is necessary to maintain a very sober and formal atmosphere, with strict enforcement of the brainstorming rules.              T / F

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