1. As per Dr. Juran , collection of information or generation of information begins and ends with?
A. Questions
B. Data Collection
C. Cause & Effect Diagram
D. Control Chart
2. In a cause and effect analysis, do all the validated caused affect the problem equally?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Do not know
D. May be
3. Which is the step in problem solving where P-D-C-A is very much required
A. Trial & Implementation & Regular Implementations
B. Cause and Effect Diagram
C. Check Sheet
D. After Follow up and Review
4. What will be the obvious conclusion about the standard which has not been revised?
A. Not in use
B. Out dated
C. No body like that
D. None of the above
5. When should Milestone chart has to be made?
A. After selection of problem
B. After Making Roads
C. After identification of Possible causes
D. After Defining the problem
6. Control chart is a
A. Process monitoring tool
B. Process control tool
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above
7. Which one of these is a system for reducing changeover time?
A. Single Minute Exchange of Dies
B. Just in Time
C. Takt Time
D. Vendor-managed inventory
8. Which one is not included in the list of seven wastes?
A. Defective product Design
B. Over Production
C. Waiting
D. Over Processing
9. Lean Quality Circle is a small group comprising of ______________?
A. Non-Executives
B. Executives
C. Senior Officers
D. None of the above
10. Lean Quality Circle are expected to hold ______________________?
A. Informal meetings and at the place / equipment, where problem exists.
B. Formal meeting whenever needed
C. Meetings in Board Room
D. None of the above

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