NCQC Knowledge Test

1. Frequency of the Lean Quality Circle meeting is ____ ________________?
A. Weekly
B. Daily
C. Once in three day
D. As and when required
2. Lean Quality Circle follow __________________ for solving a problems.
A. 8-D Concept
C. 12 Problem Solving Steps
D. QC Story – 7 Steps Process
3. Lean Quality Circle was originally developed in
A. Indonesia
B. India
C. Israel
D. Pakistan
4. Flow Diagram is used for:
A. Better understanding of a process
B. Change or introduce new process
C. To amend alter or replace” the process
D. All the above
5. ISO – 14001 gives stress on
A. Plan – Do -check -Act
B. Environmental protection
C. Prevention rather than detection
D. All of the above
6. Service Assurance is
A. Confidence with customer
B. Customer has trust
C. Employee has knowledge
D. All of the above
7. Following is (are) the phase(s) of intervention
A. Formulation stage
B. Maintenance stage
C. Implementation stage
D. All of the above
8. Who observed that the quality defects are unequal in frequency?
a) Dr J M Juran
b) Dr W E Deming
c) Dr K Ishikawa
d) Dr W A Shewhart
9. Data obtained by count of defects, count of occurrences (no. of accidents) etc. can be termed as __________ data.
a) Attribute
b) Variable
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above
10. Most of the quality gurus insist upon the effective use of ___________________ to achieve excellence in quality.
a) Brainstorming
b) Statistical Quality Control
c) Problem Solving Teams
d) None of the above

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