1. A Pareto chart shows
a) That the process is in control
b) The vital few from the trivial many
c) Process capability
d) A line drawn as production proceeds

2. Seven tools include
a) Team meetings
b) Management meeting regularly with workers
c) Workers’ toolkit
d) Histogram

3. An assignable cause is generally known to
a) Vendors
b) Top management
c) Product designer
d) Workers

4. Systematic problem solving requires
a) Motivating the worker
b) Defining the problem to be solved
c) Drawing control charts
d) Keeping management informed

5. Problem definition requires
a) Flow charting the process
b) Monitoring customer complaints
c) Knowing how to draw control charts
d) Team meetings

6. Who has given Juran’s Trilogy?
a) Dr. W. E. Deming
d) None of these

7. Alex Osborn has given the technique of
a) Graph
b) Brain storming
c) Stratification
d) Histogram

8. Which type of graph is more suitable for observing the trends?
a) Bar graph
b) Radar graph
c) Belt graph
d) Line graph

9. Identify which statement completes the sentence given below Chance and Assignable causes produce variation, _______________
a) but one has to live with chance causes as well as assignable causes.
b) but one has to live with assignable causes.
c) but chance causes can never be fully eliminated.
d) None of the above

10. In ____________ _____________, if all the bars or most of the bars are roughly the same height, go for further Stratification.
a) Line Graph
b) Activity Chart
c) Pareto Diagram
d) None of the above

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