1. To tool used for process of separation of data into different categories can be termed as _________________ .
a. graph
b. stratification
c. data collection
d. none of the above

2. No ____________________ of ideas is done during brainstorming.
a. Evaluation
b. Valuation
c. Judgement
d. All the above

3. One example of a graph having columns and line is _____________________________.
a. Pictorial Diagram
b. Pareto Diagram
c. Bar and Line Diagram
d. None of the above

4. Production Process Classification Type diagram is one of the _________________ types of _________________________________________.
a. Three, Cause and Effect Diagram
b. Three, Fish Steak Diagram
c. Important, Flow Diagram
d. None of the above

5. Vital Few and Useful many or 80-20 is a _____________ Principle.
a, Universal
b. Uncommon
c. Italian
d. Japanese

6. Connector symbol in flow diagram helps to show _____________ of the process.
a. continuity
b. continual improvement
c. a circle
d. none of the above

7. Graphical representation of relationship between two variables is shown in a _________________.
a. Scatter Diagram
b. Histogram
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

8. If Line Graph is related to Variable Data then Bar Graph is related to _________________.
a. Attribute Data
b. Continuous Data
c. Measurable Data
d. None of the above

9. The most obvious and common use of ________________________ is in prioritising problems.
a. Brainstorming
b. Milestone Chart
c. Pareto Diagram
d. Cause and Effect Diagram

10. Histogram is not used to ______________________________.
a. Show relation between two variables
b. Know the pattern of variation
c. Assess conformance to specification
d. Assess process capability

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