1. The major purpose of the Control Phase in DMAIC is to

A. Developing solutions
B. Ensure that achievements are maintained
C. Calculate process capability
D. Identification of possible causes

2. The purpose of Improve phase of DMAIC steps of Six Sigma is to:
A. Set goals
B. Identification of root causes
C. Developing plan of action for implementing solutions
D. None of the above

3. In Six Sigma concept purpose of the Improve Phase is to:
A.Developing SIPOC outline
B.Put plans in place to maintain the achievements
C .Identify root causes
D. Identify the counter measures for validated root causes

4. Validation of root cause is made only when which standard(s) is met:
A.There is a statistically significant relationship between the suspected root cause and the effect.
B.The data is normal
C.Knowledge of the process corroborates this causal relationship.
D. Both A and C above

5. In Six Sigma concept purpose of the Analyze phase is to:
A.Identify possible solutions
B.Create a pilot plan
C.Identify and validate root causes
D.All of the above

6. Process capability indices, Cp and Cpk, are:
A.Product and quality variation measures
B.Financial variation measures
C.Quality measures
D.Time series measures

7. Simple graphical displays are used in the Measure phase to:
A.Show baseline information
B.Determine stability
C.Represent central tendency
D.All of the above

8. Operational Definitions provide:
A.A definition of the type of data to be collected
B.A statistically valid sample size
C.A clear, precise description of the factor being measured
D.All of the above

9. Which of the following statements is NOT true about charting variation?
A.A mean and standard deviation will completely define a normal curve
B.A histogram helps understand process performance
C.A histogram is sufficient to chart variation
D.Run charts display process performance over time

10. Which elements are required to calculate Sigma?
A.Number of defectives and range
B.Process performance and customer requirements
C.Cycle time and quality
D.Number of employees, number of customers

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