1. For beginners it is difficult to systematically arrange cause, sub-cause, sub-sub cause etc in that case which type of cause and effect diagram should be used to for mapping out all the possible causes.

Dispersion Analysis Type

2. Which step of Five-S concept is used to make the workplace clean by eliminating dirt and dust?
Third S

3. Determination of the type of storage system and layout is a result of which ‘S’ in Five-S concept.
Second S

4. If out of total 300 rejected Locks 105 got rejected for key movement being hard, what is the % of rejection due to other reasons.


5. Which tool / techniques can be used to dissect a process for better understanding and analyzing.

Flow Diagram

6. Draw the symbol for showing the end of the process in detailed flow diagram.

Image result for End or start symbol of flow diagram
7. A __________________ is a column graph that displays the central tendency, process variability and relative frequency of collected data.


8. This tool is typically applied to determine if the process variability within the data distribution.

9. Name the tool, which is typically applied to identify shifts in process capability.

10. To identify shifts in process capability we can use ____________________ from basic seven tools.

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