Identify Right and wrong statements:

  1. A Problem, which can be solved in three to four weeks should not be taken by quality circles as a project.                            Right / Wrong 

  2. The Leader of a circle is authorized to select members for a Quality Circles.                                                                                         Right / Wrong 

  3. Brainstorming is should not be used for identifying  possible causes of a circle.                                                                                   Right / Wrong 

  4. Cause and Effect diagram is a tool to show logical relationship between Causes/sub-causes/sub-sub causes and effect.

                                                                                                         Right / Wrong 

  5. Milestone Chart or Activity Plan shows link between problems and causes.

                                                                                                            Right / Wrong 

  1. To generate a list of possible solution we must use brainstorming.

    Right / Wrong 

  2. Stratification is the process of separation of data into categories.

    Right / Wrong 

  3. Continuous variable data is obtained by using an instrument or measuring process.

    Right / Wrong 

  4. Scatter Diagram can be used to find out the strength of relationship between two variables.

    Right / Wrong

  5. Time spent to solve a problem by quality circles should not be less than 3 to 4 months?

    Right / Wrong


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