Knowledge Test 2018: SET 30

1. Histogram is not used to
A. Show relation between two variables
B. Know the pattern of variation
C. Assess conformance to specification
D. Assess process capability

2.. Which Quality tool is not a part of data collection technique?
A. Data Sheets
B. Frequency Tables
C. Check sheets
D. Graphs

3.. In a Pareto chart the steep bend of the curve is not very predominant. This could be due to:
A. A rectangular plot drawn
B. Stratification not done appropriately
C. Both above
D. In certain cases, Pareto does not apply

4.. In a cause and effect diagram the branches and sub branches are made using:
A. Why repeatedly for each sub branch
B. Brainstorming
C. Affinity diagram
D. All above

5.. Which of the following charts is always a Square:
A. Pareto
B. Scatter diagram and Histogram
C. All above
D. None of the above

6.. In a Scatter Diagram if a value is repeated ‘n’ times, it’s repetition is depicted by:
A. Red colour
B. Encircling the data point on the diagram ‘n’ times
C. Encircled twice maximum
D. None of the above

7. . In a flow Diagram, to seek the opportunities for change/ improvement examine:
A. Each decision symbol and rework loop
B. Each activity symbol and database symbol
C. Both the above
D. None of the above

8. Flow Diagrams are of three types : High Level, Matrix and
A. Limited
B. Controlled
C. Detailed
D. Organisational

9. Operator travelling from one station to another is which muda:
A. Transportation
B. Over processing
C. Motion
D. Correction

10. The worst muda is
A. Transportation
B. Motion
C. Overproduction
D. Motion

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