1. Desired measurements of Critical to Quality characteristics of the product components is termed as
a) Desired Dimensions
b) Critical Dimensions
c) Control Limits
d) Specifications

2. What does CTQ mean?
a) Cost vs quality characteristic
b) Continuous to quality characteristic
c) Consumer to quality characteristic
d) Critical to quality characteristic

3. Who should guides, trains members with the help of the Facilitator and other agencies.
a) Leader
b) Top Management
c) Coordinator
d) None of the above

4. A six sigma process has defect level below ______  opportunities.
a) 3.4 defects per mill
b) 3.5 defects per mill
c) 3.6 defects per mill
d. 99.7 defects per mill

5. While setting Quality objective, ________ to be considered.
a) Management need
b) User need
c) Market need
d) None of the above

6. In a scatter diagram, the closeness of the points to a central line indicates
a) Positive Correlation
b) Negative Correlation
c) Lower Correlation
d) Higher Correlation

7. In Step 6 – ‘Identification of Root Cause” Quality Circle should do :
a) Matrix Analysis
b) Brainstorming
c) Collection of relevant data wrt causes listed in C & E Diagram
d) Stratification

8. Which one is not true for Quality Circle meeting?
a) Helps in generating lot of ideas
b) Helps in arriving at consensus decisions
c) Helps the ago satisfaction of a few members
d) Helps in better team involvement in implementations.

9. In 1942 A F Osborn ‘How To Think Up; presented the technique
a) Brain Writing
b) Brainstorming
c) Group thinking
d) Conceptualizing

10. For correct data analysis representative sampling is recommended. This means
a) Only best pieces should be sampled
b) Only worst piece should be samples
c) Samples covering the overall population of interest should be sampled
d) None of the above

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