Multiple Choice Questions

1. 5S stands for
A. Short, Set, Spot, Standardize and Sustain
B. Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain
C. Simple cleaning by Housekeeping Team
D. Shining, Spotless, Sanitized, Safe Showcase

2. ‘CLIT’ in Five – S or TPM means
A. Complete Lubrication of Inner Tools
B. Clean Lower Inner Tools
C. Cleaning Lubrication Inspection Tightening
D. Complete Lubricated Industrial Techniques

3. During Second step ‘Set-in-Order’ you are expected to follow “3 C Free” arrangement of things. Here “3 C” means ?
A. Clean, Contact and Count Free.
B. Complete, Clean, Check Free
C. Complete, Control, Check Free
D. Care, Count and Contact Free

4. In the Set-In-Order phase, where should tools that are used daily be stored?
A. In personal tool boxes where they won’t be stolen
B. At the point of use
C. Where the supervisor can keep an eye on them
D. In a company owned locking cabinet

5. What is not reduced by successfully implementing ‘Set-In-Order’?
A. Excess Motion
B. Excess Inventory
C. Searching Time
D. Productivity

6. Which phase of 5S are you in when you clean machines, windows, floors etc.?
A. Sort
B. Set-In-Order
C. Shine
D. Standardize

7. Which one is NOT a benefit of Shine?
A. Less production downtime
B. Happier employees
C. Improved quality
D. Inventory reduction

8. Which is not a benefit of ‘Sort’?
A. Reduce the waste of searching
B. Reduced set-up times
C. Increased productivity
D. Improved machine dependability

9. What phase of 5S are we talking about when we regulate; how we color code our tools, how we use the red tag system?
A. Sort
B. Set-In-Order
C. Shine
D. Standardize

10. In which step of Five S we establish a method of storage for each item, which is easy to see, pick and place with X, Y alignment.
A. Sort
B. Set-In-Order
C. Shine
D. Standardize

11. Which activity is not a part of the ‘Sort’ phase?
A. Clear the area
B. Use of red tags
C. Disposition red tag items
D. Putting tools at point of use

Fill in the blank:

12-17. Sustenance of 3rd-S thru 5W-1H. Fill in the blank with six words starting with ‘W’ or ‘H’.
12. _______ to clean – Equipment
13. _______ to clean – Reason
14. _______ to clean – Location
15. _______ to clean – Time
16. _______ will clean – Responsibility
17. _______ to clean – Method

18. Success of implementation of ‘Sort’ should be measured by ______________ saved.

19. Complete the tag line by writing missing word “A Place For________________, And Everything in Its Place”

20. Complete the tag line by writing missing word “When in____________, throw it out”.

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