1. Who observed that the quality defects are unequal in frequency?
a. Dr J M Juran
c. Dr W E Deming
b. Dr K Ishikawa
d. Dr W A Shewhart
2. In which data presentation method if all the bars or most of the bars are roughly the same height, go for further
a. Line Graph
b. c. Activity Chart
c. Pareto Diagram
d. . None of the above
3. Which tool is used to simplify data collection and ensure that no items are omitted when inspecting?
a. Check Sheet
c. Stratification
b. Brainstorming
d. Flow Diagram
4. Which tool is used for singling out the really serious problem or cause from among all the lesser ones?
a. Scatter Diagram
c. Bar Diagram
b. Histogram
d. Pareto Diagram
5. Which tool is a column graph that displays the central tendency, process variability and relative
frequency of collected data?
a. Scatter Diagram
c. Bar Diagram
b. Histogram
d. Pareto Diagram
6. Which tool is typically used to track and monitor the progress of a project?
a. Brainstorming
b. c. Activity Chart
c. Pareto Diagram
d. d. None of the above

7. Deming Wheel provides a fundamental approach to carry out a task in a systematic way.                                                                                                                               True / False
8. Study of any process with the help of flow diagram will never help in identifying the redundant activities or steps.                                                                                   True / False
9. Data are expression of facts of any activity or feature in verbal or numerical terms.                                                                                                                                                True / False
10. Pareto Principle is a Universal Principle.                                                        True / False

11. Collection of required information in figures for Statistical Analysis is known as ______________.
12. ___________________ is a simple form for recording facts / information but to make a conclusion additional processing is required.
13. One example of a graph having columns and line is ___________________.
14. ___________________ Milestone Chart should be shown with reasons for variation.
15. Production process classification type diagram is one of three types of ___________________.
16. Stratification is best interpreted in ___________________ form.
17. Histogram shows the ___________________of variation.
18. The ______________________is an effective way to organize theories (possible causes) about root causes of observed phenomena.
19. A ________________ is a graphic presentation of the sequence of steps that we perform to produce some output.
20. _______________________are pictorial representation of quantitative data.

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