Knowledge Test 2018 : Set 19

1. Which type of Errors are can be eliminated by Poka-yoke devices
A. Setup Error
B. Processing Error
C. Wrong Part or Item usage Error
D. All the above

2. POK stands for
A. Pak Occupied Kashmir
B. Process Ordering Kanban
C. Production Ordering Kanban
D. Plan Ordering Kanban

3. In Just-In-Time the vendor is to be viewed by the company as a
A. Partner
B. Associate
C. Process Owner
D. JIT Operator

4. Control Chart is a tool for quality control. It is used for maintaining running control on a process.
A. On line
B. Off Line
C. Direct Line
D. Product Line

5. Column graph and line graph are different
A. In values of scale at x, y intersection
B. Conditions for x axis
C. Both above
D. In visual depiction only

6. A Line Graph is a useful tool to represent:
A. behavior of data points against control criteria
B. patterns and trends in a row of data points
C. behavior of data points against specifications
D. the error margin of a sample versus a whole population

7. Flow Diagram represent
A. Causes of process variation
B. The kind of forms to fill out
C. Who reports to whom
D. How inputs get processed into outputs

8. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is for (MBNQA)
A. Total Quality Management
B. International Standard Organization
C. Total Productive Maintenance
D. Total Quality Control

9. Lean systems typically use layouts that______________________.
A. are based on a job shop in order to handle variety
B. facilitate handling somewhat dissimilar products
C. reduces inventory of similar products
D. all of the above

10. Which of the following means ‘Ready-Set-Go’
A. Yo-i-don
B. Ikko Nagare
C. Taiichi ohno
D. None of the above

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