Knowledge Test 2018 : Set 16

1. A poka-yoke device can be
A. Electrical
B. Mechanical
C. Procedural
D. All the above

2. Setups which have single digit (in minutes) setup times are called
B. Smart setups
C. Short Cut setups
D. None of the above

3. Assignable cause occurs:
A. Infrequently
B. In an unpredictable manner
C. Both above
D. None of the above

4. Bar graphs and line graphs are different
A. In values of scale at x,y intersection
B. Conditions for x axis
C. Both above
D. In visual depiction only – bar chart can be used instead of line chart and vice versa

5. Histogram and frequency polygon are two graphical representations of:
A. Frequency distribution
B. Class boundaries
C. Class intervals
D. Class marks

6. Histogram is a graph of:
A. Frequency distribution
B. Time series
C. Qualitative data
D. Ogive

7. The grouped data are called:
A. Production data
B. Secondary data
C. Raw data
D. Data collected by group

8. In which type of control chart the upper and lower control limits will not be constant but will be varying?
A. ‘c’ chart
B. np chart
C. ‘p’ chart
D. x̅ and R chart

9. What type of graph is a Pareto diagram?
A. Bar graph
B. Pie graph
C. Compound graph
D. Line graph

10. In what condition Control Chart is useful to monitor running process?
A. On line
B. Off Line
C. Direct Line
D. Product Line

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