Knowledge Test 2018 : Set 13

1. Even though C & E diagram is a verbal tool it has been recognized as a statistical tool by:
A) JSI (Japanese Standards Institute)
D) Kei Dan Ren

2. Cause and effect diagram is:
A) Relation between variations
B) Relation between cause and effect
C) Difference between causes
D) Relation between two problems

3. In a scatter diagram, the closeness of the points to a central line indicates
A) Positive Correlation
B) Negative Correlation
C) Lower Correlation
D) Higher Correlation

4. In ‘Root cause analysis’ step in problem solving. Quality Circle follow:
A) Why Why analysis
B) Validation of causes
C) Pareto Analysis
D) Stratification

5. Which one is not true for Quality Circle meeting?
A) Helps in generating lot of ideas
B) Helps in arriving at consensus decisions
C) Helps the ago satisfaction of a few members
D) Helps in better team involvement in implementations.

6. For correct data analysis representative sampling is recommended. This means
A) Only best pieces should be sampled
B) Only worst piece should be samples
C) Samples covering the overall population of interest should be sampled
D) None of the above

7. Which one of the following charts is not an attribute control chart :
A) Number defective np chart
B) X-R Chart
C) Percentage defective chart
D) No. of defects c chart

8. What will be the angle for representing Rs. 40000/ as travelling expenses out of total expenditure of Rs. 80,000/- on a pie graph?
B) 160
C) 240
D) 320

9. For showing relative portion of the various components, which of the commonly used graphs that will be useful?
A) Pie Graph
B) Radar Graph
C) Pareto Diagram
D) Histogram

10. For showing relative improvement in various topics of PST and the area where improvement is required, which type of graph to be used ?
A) Radar Graph
B) Graph
C) Brain storming
D) Stratification

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