Knowledge Test 2018 : Set 5

1) Which one of the following chat is not an Attribute Control Chart?
a. X-R Chart
b. Number of Defective np Chart
c. Percentage Defective p Chart
d. Number of Defects c Chart

2) In Brainstorming
a. Quality is more important than Quantity
b. Quantity is more important than Quality
c. Quality and Quantity both are important
d. Both are not important

3) Decision symbol in a Flow Diagram is shown by
a. Circle
b. Rectangle
c. Diamond
d. Arrow

4) QC Register is maintained by
a. Leader
b. Facilitator
c. Coordinator
d. Member

5) Most preferably Quality Circle should meet
a. Whenever they need
b. When they are ready
c. Once in a fortnight
d. Once in a week

6) PDCA Cycle is associated with which Quality Guru?
a. Dr. J M Juran
b. Dr. A. V. Feigenbaum
c. Dr. W. E. Deming
d. Dr. Genichi Taguchi

7) Which quality guru received the unique honour of developing sampling technique in 1940’s?
a. Dr. W. E. Deming
b. Dr. W.A. Shewart
c. Dr. J M Juran
d. Philip B Crosby

8) Which is not true about Quality Circle?
a. A small group
b. Voluntary
c. Uses quality control techniques
d. Have members from anywhere in work area

9) Who pioneered Quality Circle concept in the world?
a. Prof. Ichiro Miyauchi
b. Shigeo Shingo
c. Prof. Ichigawa
d. Dr. K. Ishikawa

10) In Production Process Classification Type Cause and Effect diagram
a. 4 M are used
b. 4 P are used
c. Process Flow is used
d. None of above

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